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About HerHue

Earrings so comfortable you’ll forget you're wearing them.

HerHue is a Mornington Peninsula based fun, statement earrings shop established in the midst of 2020 by a girl named Jac.

Her (Female). Hue (Colour). HerHue

HerHue started as a hobby but has quickly grown into a business that I am incredibly passionate about. I love that I get to design and create, using a medium that has endless possibilities, while aiming to solve the problems we have all faced when it comes to accessories and fashion.

We have all sacrificed comfort for fashion at one point (or many points), and I am sure we will all wear those jeans that are too tight or those shoes that hurt after 2 minutes again. However, our earlobes never have to suffer again! Earrings that are both fun and bold but also lightweight and comfortable are our passion, our reason for existing and our joy.

HerHue has quickly developed into a business with a conscience. Focusing on ensuring we have a positive impact on customers, our followers, our environment and our society. We work hard to ensure every decision made is well considered, and the right decision for our product, our customer and the environment.

HerHue is technically a one woman show. I design, create, bake, sand, assemble, package and post all HerHue earrings. However, I always use ‘we’ and ‘our’ when discussing the business because there is not a chance that I would be able to do what I do without the love, support, advice and encouragement of my partner Jake, my family and my beautiful friends.

HerHue was nominated and selected to be a part of the Shameless 2020 Christmas Gift Guide and was featured on the Shameless Instagram, Website and Newsletter.

We have a few markets coming up, if you would love to see just how lightweight HerHue earrings are before you purchase come and down visit us. We can't wait to see you.


About Jac

Jacqueline Gregory - Owner, designer, creator.


I was born down on the Mornington Peninsula and no matter how far I travel, when I return, I am always in awe of how beautiful and special the Peninsula is. I grew up with the type of parents who would let you explore all life had to offer and always encouraged us to work hard so we could try new things and experience new places. As I progressed through school, I found I had a love for art and creativity, going on to study Visual Arts at University and becoming a Secondary Art Teacher. I am passionate about education and the development of young people, especially young women.

As I reflect back through my personal art portfolios it is clear to see a running theme of women, empowerment, development and the societal pressures for girls and young women. This theme underpins every decision I make with HerHue, from the images and models I use on our social media accounts to the price points, suppliers and influences I work with. The business is a reflection of my beliefs and values.

My mum has always been the type of person that must pick up litter when she sees it on the street or the beach. As a teenager this would embarrass the hell out of me, however now I am older I get it, and I am certain I will be embarrassing my future children in exactly the same way. In our household, care for the environment was never a question, just an expectation. When I introduced my dad to my business idea initially all of his questions were about the impact my business will have on the environment. The influence of my parents and upbringing have ensured I consider every aspect of my business and am aware of its potential impact.

Running a small and new business is equally terrifying and exciting, but I feel so incredibly privileged to be in a position where I can pour my heart and soul into something, I am both proud of and love doing.


Thank you for supporting HerHue and everything we stand for.

Love Jac x