Perfect for Sensitive Ears

Each pair of HerHue earrings are created with sensitive ears in mind.

As someone who grew up with sensitive and often irritated skin, I know first hand how frustrating it can be to buy a pair of earrings, only to find out you can't wear them without wanting to go all Van Gogh on yourself.

It became my mission to solve this problem and create fun, statement earrings that were high quality, hypoallergenic and super lightweight. 

Why are my ears reacting?

The most common cause of itchy, red, painful reactions to earrings is an allergic reaction to the metal in the earring posts. The most common metal allergy is to nickel, with some people even developing an allergy after repeated exposure.

Some may still be able to wear earrings for a short period of time before reacting. While others will react to even the tiniest bit of the metal they are sensitive to instantly. 

What are the best earrings for sensitive ears?

To avoid nickel it is best to always buy earrings that clearly state they are nickel free. Some earrings may be labelled as hypoallergenic but may still contain nickel under a coating of some sort, which may eventually wear off.

The best earrings for sensitive ears are made with stainless steel, silver, gold or platinum. 

What metal does HerHue use?

For HerHue the decision was made to use 100% nickel free, lead free stainless steel earring posts and jump rings.

We wanted to keep the cost of our earrings as low as possible, so they are accessible to everyone, without sacrificing quality.

Both our earring posts and jump rings are a mix of high quality 304 grade and 316L grade stainless steel. 

All earring supplies are purchased from a female owned jewellery supplies company based in Brisbane, Queensland.

Love Jac x