Slow Made Fashion

Slow Made Fashion

What does Slow Made Fashion mean?

Slow Made Fashion is a reaction to fast fashion and extreme consumerism. It is a concept inspired by a need to link fashion and design with awareness, responsibility and production that does not harm the environment. Today it is simply unacceptable to be ignorant or dismissive of our impact on the environment. Slow Made Fashion is a movement that focuses on quality not quantity. Sustainable and ethical business practices are a priority for both the Slow Made Fashion movement and HerHue as an independent business.  

HerHue focuses on the following factors to ensure our impact on the environment and society are as positive as possible.

  • Small and Local - HerHue is a small business based on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. Each pair of HerHue earrings are made by only one pair of hands. When you purchase a pair of HerHue earrings you are directly supporting an individual (who is definitely dancing and yelling out to her partner that she made another sale). To learn more, visit our ‘About’ page.

  • Timeless design – HerHue earrings are designed for longevity. We want you to love your HerHue earrings forever. Research shows that the more culturally and emotionally connected to a product a consumer is, the more likely they are to keep it for more than one season. Our designs are not influenced by what’s ‘in fashion’ but rather by what we love and makes us happy all year round.

  • Waste Control- HerHue works hard and creatively to ensure there is as little waste as possible during and post production. Polymer clay is a wonderful product in this regard as it never dries out or becomes unusable. Also baked pieces of clay can be reworked and used as alternative elements in earring designs.

  • Free of one-use plastic – HerHue’s packaging is now plastic free. We use cardboard boxes, tissue paper, paper packing tape and recycled paper cards when posting our earrings. On market days we avoid all plastic and only use paper or cotton bags for our customer’s purchases. 

  • Recycled where possible – Our earring cards are made using recycled paper and environmentally friendly inks and toners. – We highly recommend

  • Producing and stocking less items – At HerHue the same pair of hands design, create, bake, sand, assemble, package and post each pair of earrings. We are the definition of ‘Slow-made’ therefore we are certainly not mass producing any earrings and our stock is kept low and easy to store.

  • Longevity of product - Our Earrings are made using Polymer Clay. Polymer clay is essentially a very malleable non-toxic plastic clay that sets into shape once baked in the oven. The medium is very lightweight, resilient, flexible and comfortable to wear. At HerHue we design and produce each pair of earrings with longevity in mind. We want you to love and keep your earrings for as long as possible.

As consumers we decide who and what we support with our dollars. Buying Slow Made, sustainable, and locally and ethically produced products means we are supporting a positive impact on our society, environment and in our world.


Love Jac x